Monday, April 11, 2016

From March 28, 2016

Terre haute is great! We run into a lot of people that do meth! But its a cool place to be. All of my areas that ive been in our apartments are right next to the train tracks so we get stuck behind a train every once and a while and we can be stuck for an hour or more if we dont go around! SO for updates I think I forgot to tell you guys that we go to a goat farm and have tons of fun there! We did what we call goat shots where you drink goat milk strait from the goat! Its funny and tastes good its just the warm milk throws you off! I did it like 4 or 5 times. Elder Bair has already done it before cause he has served in this area 3 times! He served more than half his mission here! Which is really cool.

Elder Bair Gave me a haircut and Elder Barboza our district leader a hair cut and after that went into the bathroom to give himself a hair cut. (My bed is right next to the bathroom) The next thing I hear is BZZZZZZZZZZ "CRAP!!!" and he opens the door and looks at me and has a reverse mohawk right down the middle of his hair. He didnt check the size of the guard on his clippers and buzzed right down the middle with a three so he shaved his head! Oh a random thing about our bathroom is it has an original door nob on it so no lock and its from the early 1900s so you can just kick it open so my companions will bust open the door and bother me or when im in the shower and they will shoot the curtain and spray me with cold water or shoot above my head and get me with ricochets. We mess with each other alot. Its so much fun. 

     We went to the farm saturday and we worked. Since I cant do much I just filled up water buckets for all the animals and got eggs from the chickens and one chicken was guarding her eggs so if I reached in she would bite me. So I grabbed her by the neck and tossed her out haha. Thats what the Sister Foster told me to do. She is the one who owns the place. April 12 we will be birthing goats! WOO HOO haha! Ill get to put to use what I learned in school at meridian! April 20th will be when I go to the Doc to see whats up with my right wrist! I love you guys! Hope your all doing well! 

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