Monday, April 11, 2016

From 4/11/2016:

Sounds good! I just emailed Jeremy! poor dude! but he sounds like he is doing well! Sounds like a busy week! I havent had food money for basically the whole month cause I had to pay back Elder Bair for helping me buy the water proof cast! SO Its been super tight.. and I have been using personal funds for food.

Im so excited for Parker! Its going to be so fun for him! Its such a huge growing experience as you both already know! I wish I could have helped you guys with the yard work! I MISS LABORING WITH MY HANDS! haha I am super useless now when it comes to service out here. I can do little to nothing. But hopefully it will heal quick, I go to the Doc the 20th and I have had two blessings saying it will heal up and Ill get my cast off so If It is Gods will, I will bear with patience and wait for it to heal!

     Elder Bair had me be senior comp this week so I could practice for when I train, though Ive already been Senior Comp! We got In contact with one of our Gators who was super solid! His name is Q. However he said things are going really bad and bla bla excuses and told us he would get in contact with us. Which he hasnt. However we have gotten in contact with one of Elder Norris's former super solid Investigators again and his name is Cody! HE IS SWEET! He got a new job and has been super super busy so when we finally got in contact with him he was like " DUDE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" then invited us in to sit and talk! Elder Bair hasn't ever met Cody but they both looked at eachother and said. " you look super familiar, But I dont know where Ive seen you" it was funny! Well I love you guys and ill update you on my arm!  

 BTW there are things I keep forgetting to tell you. First of all my top permanent retainer on the back of my teeth there are two spots that have split however there is one spot holding the two middle teeth together. Now it hasn't been a problem whats so ever because I wear my actual retainer once a week and that keeps my teeth in line! So there is no movement! Second of all they slacks we bought from the CTR store Split down the seem for ever ago like in the first 6 months so I bought a pair of Van Huesen and they have been wonderful! And one of my long sleeve shirts has blood on it and the other a large hole so I might go Get another. With Blood do you think Hydrogen Peroxide would help break it up? I heard that works!  

Love you guys!  Stay safe

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