Monday, April 18, 2016

From 4/18/2016:

We Got an old Investigator on date this week! His name is Cody! He is a stud! Cody is a gun nut and we love it, He was separated from us for a while because of the last mission transfer and he got a new job but we were able to get meet with him again and the time apart I think helped prepare him even greater than he had been! Apparently he had been getting bagged on for talking with us and wanting to get baptized by his Girlfriend and her Mom and he defended the church and told them "Why would you try knocking something you know nothing about!"  When we asked if he would be baptized he said. Please don't be offended but... Heck yeah! We love him. Oh when we knocked on his door and got in contact with him again he was like "Where the heck have you been?" And then invited us in. He missed church this week but hopefully we can get in contact with him again! 

We lost contact with Q. We think its cause a ton of trials came up. I'm sure he will realize how the gospel made him felt. He just needs time for the seed to grow! I love you guys we have one week left and I may train soon and or stay with Norris because of Cody. Other than that I get my cast off in two days on the 20th!  Ill send some pictures from this week. We had tons of service and found little baby turtles during service! love you guys.

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