Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hi Everyone, Davis wrecked his bike last week and broke a bone in his wrist.

Hey yeah im doing great! Sorry about all the worries so It was just a bike wreck, Me being dumb... If I would have just taken a sec to think about it. I could have prevented the whole thing.

 So basically when i went down i hit both my wrists pretty hard and popped my arm out of socket and it went back in immediately. and bruised up my knees. and I think I sprained my left wrist.  Ill be in a cast for 8 weeks then a wrist brace depending on how much its healed. I broke the. Any ways Im doing Good. 

My Companions have been helping me alot cause I cant Carry anything over 2 pounds. So I basically dont carry anything..he said i can still type and write and pluck guitar. My Comps and I work like mad. This is the best transfer I have had. We all serve Each other. They are super humble and we all Click. We have so much fun! I love it. And we have been teaching alot of people. 

We have this guy named Quion, we call him Q. He is super solid and notices the difference he feels when he meets with us! Im glad you guys are doing good! Elder Bair Told me to call you guys but i didnt feel like I should so I prayed that you guys would be comforted. So Elder Bair is headed home but we work hard every day to help each other stay focused! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Let me know if thats enough info. I Bought a water proof cast so I can shower and stuff! LOVE YA!


  1. Even with a cast he looks great! Praying for a quick recovery.

  2. Even with a cast he looks great! Praying for a quick recovery.