Monday, July 27, 2015

Some additional pictures of Elder B:

Hi Everyone, Davis has been experiencing the ups and downs of missionary work.  Here is his latest email and some pictures.

Hey Sorry its been a while. I don't get much time around here to do anything. Hopefully I will soon but here is a guy weve started working with.  Out here there are lots of things going on. 

We've had a few people challenge us and one tell us if we gave him 5 minutes he could shake our faith and No one really wants to talk to us. However we are working with this one guy who always tells us he is agnostic. His name is joe and loves to read. The only reason we were aloud back is because of what we said the first time we met him. Well when we were walking and talking to people for a few hours now and it was extremely hot and humid. We were drenched with sweat and tired. No one was interested and we were approaching the end of the street and we saw this dirty pumpkin orange house. We walked up the stairs and knocked on the door and a little old fella answered and asked. "what do you want" and we explained that we were missionaries and that we were going around and sharing a message about Jesus Christ. At first he told us that he was Atheist and didn't want to hear it. So we said alright well do you have anything we could help you out with? Any service work we would love to help mow the lawn or do anything that could help you. He stopped and looked at us for a few minutes then asked what our names were. We told him our names "Elder Burnett and Elder Jenks!" He said Elders huh? You look pretty young to be "Elders" We laughed and he asked how old we were and we told him 19 and 20. he laughed and said you know what. Ill think about it you guys should come back next week around the same time. 

So we did and there he was sitting with his door open waiting on his couch for us. He let us in with a warm welcome and told us how glad he was that we came. We sat down and talked to him and got to know each other. He told us. Im impressed with you guys. Ive had so many others come to my house and try and share a message or tell me something or sell me something and I tell them no and they leave. But you guys offered me help. Im old and cant do much anymore and you guys offered to help me. Now I don't need you to do anything I have a guy I pay to mow my lawn so you don't need to worry about that. But im impressed with you and respect you. He sat down and he asked us if we have ever heard about these scholars that show how God doesn't exist and how these things couldn't be true. But then he told us that he believes in God. He then told us that we should read these books and that they are very interesting. I asked him if reading is a hobby of his and he pointed over to the pile of books and said I have a library upstairs. "I love to read. but ive grown old and need to go buy a large print bible." I asked him if I could give him a book and get him a large print bible for free. He said oh yes that would be wonderful and he asked what book we had for him. We explained it was the book of Mormon and he said. Id love one! I can reimburse you guys for the cost. We told him its fine there is no cost and that we would get him large print as soon as possible and that we would love to come read with him. He was just as excited as we are and told us how much he loves the bible and the stories in it and how you can apply them to everyday lives. Well we had to go soon after the conversation. But we are going back to visit with him soon! I am excited to.
There is a scripture that has a wonderful message about service. Mosiah 2:17 "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God." When you serve or offer to serve others they see that you really do care and that you aren't just there for yourself. Its a meaningful way to show love and respect.! 

Recently the weather our here has been crazy. It has rained a ton and has broken the record for most rain fall since weather started being recorded. Its been hot and super humid and it can be exhausting. However the work goes on! recently with the temple open house the first day they were expecting just around 200 people to go through the temple with the missionaries however close to 2000 came through with us that day. They are expecting around 74,000 to go through the regular tours however since then there are going to be a bunch more. The Temple open house has been a great opportunity to answer questions and help others feel closer to Christ. There have been many fun stories we've gotten from the Sisters that are helping with the tours. My companion and I went with one of the recent converts from his last area and her son and her mom. While we were there we saw our mission president and other missionaries and so many people that wanted to learn about the Temple. The Temple is beautiful and the spirit there is so strong. It was amazing to go through and see the beautiful inside and feel the warm and powerful presence of the spirit there. Those of you in Idaho the Meridian temple will be finished soon. I invite you all to go through the open house if at all possible. it is a rare opportunity to see the insides of a temple for yourself and to feel the wonderful spirit that resides inside and on the grounds. 

I love you all and hope you are all safe. I am doing well and have some pictures for you. One of a sunset of Indiana then the Indiana temple. Love you guys stay safe and continue to be awesome!

Monday, July 6, 2015

It has been A while since I have last sent out an email> I want you all to know Everything is AOK out here! So to catch you all up. So Elder Tafuna (My last companion) has been transferred. I now have a new companion named Elder Jenks. I will be killing him off so in 5 weeks he will be going home. My wrist has gotten a little better however I am still not capable of lifting anything heavy or grabbing and pulling anything. Just yesterday I caught a turtle! It was wandering down the side walk and coming our way. His name is Toko. I got pictures with him and let him go. 

We also finally have an investigator! She is absolutely solid every time we have met with her she has had concerns about the church and all of them had been resolved. She is reading the book of Mormon and the bible side by side using the references down at the bottom. She is super interested in what we have to say and has enjoyed meeting with us. Sarah is a single mom with a young boy. They have a little dog and all of them are wonderful! I love meeting with them. Recently she asked about what we do for kids and we asked her what she meant by that and she had explained that she wants her kid to stay away from drugs and stay healthy and we brought up the word of wisdom talking about how we keep away from drugs and alcohol and harmful substances and she loved it XD She is continuously reading the book of Mormon and asking questions about what she is reading and giving us the opportunity to help connect the dots however she gets it almost all the time. She knows her bible like the back of her hand and it is super awesome! Recently we went over to her house with a member and had a great discussion that went on for an hour or two! it was great. The sad part is I don't think she is in our area. So we might have to introduce her to our district leader and his companion because she might be in their area. I will probably still have opportunities to teach her! 

So in Indiana the Temple open house is drawing near and my companion and I are going with a few others and possibly with my neighbors. With The Temple growing closer to the open house people are taking interest. We have invited many to come and see and feel the beauty of the temple and to feel the precious spirit that resides there. I am excited to go see the new Temple with others not of our faith. It is a very exiting time. This is a great and rare opportunity for those who have never been to the temple to get to know more about it!!!

Happy 4th of July by the way everyone! I hope everybody is safe and had a great time! we went to this one guys house that was in a different area to watch his show. It reminded me of home and going to awesome firework shows at my friends house. Ill never forget the 4th of Julys with my dad and all of his buddies and my friends farting around with fireworks!  What makes me happier than anything about the 4th here is that mortars are legal here XD I LOVE IT even if they weren't people still would get them! Well the work is moving forward and sun is still shining I love you guys and pray and hope for the best for you all