Monday, April 11, 2016

From April 4

Thats great! and Conference was awesome! I loved the talks on father hood and Elder Hollands talk last session! I have had pretty bad migranes out here and Ive had to take meds right when i feel something and then drink lots of water and do a neck exercise to stretch out my neck. I dont know if they really work cause it continues to hurt even after but yeah.

Thats crazy Parker is 18!!! HOLY COW! I hope he is stoked for his mission! And I still love my companions so much! Things are just changing.  Im glad you are all doing well I love you guys! Ill email  you more If i remember... 

*Warning, possibly graphic descriptions about birthing goats below*

     Oh so saturday from early in the morning till late at night we were working on the goat farm and helping them birth a ton of goats! It was fun and we watched conference on breaks! We had to then clean the towels that were used to clean the placenta off of the baby goats so they didnt freeze or choke from it being all over the face. Its kind of funny to watch. Their was one goat that was pretty small and was having trouble getting the babies out so what would happen is someone had to come and reach in the goat and grab the baby and pull it out while another person held the goat down or against a wall. and when the babies come out sometimes you give them a good swing so all the liquid comes out! While we were cleaning the rags I had a huge piece of placenta on the rag and it was cold and windy out side so it was like a cold sticky, slimy booger and I dry heaved twice from thinking about it to much and then got over it and was able to clean off many rags! it was a fun day!!!  

Any ways thats about the coolest thing. My comps and I also recently had a belt fight so we would wip eachother or get one another cornered and take them out! In the mornings if one of us isnt up on time (which is always Norris) ;D we "gorilla stomp him and jump in his bed and "beat him up" haha We are like brothers! 

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