Monday, February 29, 2016

SO I got to go camping with our ward. Well the young men! IT WAS EPIC! We went and had a none member there! It was a service project. Cutting down trees. The chainsaw we brought didnt work to well so we all used hatchets and axes! I cut down like. 10 or so trees ive cut down lots of trees on my mission at other places. It was cool. We had zone conf. We got in contact with Jamal again! And we came to the library on a very cold and rainy day to warm up since we were pretty far away from home and we were walking. And this guy saw us and asked why we were all fancied up and asked about our church and we are now meeting with him! he was saying. If i join your church and become Mormon do i have to wear suits all the time like you? And we laughed and said no. Then another guy we met when we did the soap box thing has been texting us. We saw him again and I gave him a book of Mormon and gave him some scriptures to read. And we got a text while we were camping and he asked all about the scriptures and said " what does moroni mean when he says "THESE THINGS" and why is there a C next to Sincere heart?" So we explained it to him! Then he said. Will you guys pray for me that God will help give me the strength to change my life. IT was awesome! And when we spoke with Jamal again he said hed like to have us pray for him and we said ok. Would you like to pray right now? and he said yeah. And started praying! It was a wonderful very humble prayer. And we told him GREAT PRAYER and he smiled and said thanks ive been practicing!
     I just got news that a guy we were teaching in my last area just got baptized and Suellen and her kids are getting baptized soon! She was another from our last ward that Elder Wood and I had talked to and taught!!! So its been good! LOVE YOU ALL

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So this week has been mad Crazy! We were working with a guy named Jamal and He is super solid. We set a date for him to get baptized and we were working towards it. However he doesn't have a phone and used his girlfriends for his. So when we call to make sure he is still good to meet up his girlfriend wont answer any more. SO we got him a ride to church with a member and when the member called she answered and wouldn't answer for us and she told the member he is not coming.... So we are having trouble getting a hold of him. We knocked on their door a few different times and saw someone look in the peep hole but no one answered. SO we are continuing to try and get a hold of him. We have picked up a few new investigators! 

       The other day we almost got in the middle of a "Hood fight" We were talking with this guy we were going to go play bball with and these guys walked around the corner with some lady yelling and screaming at a small guy. And the small guy was screaming and yelling at her and there was another guy following them holding a fat wad of cash and another girl following as well. SO the little dude was continuing to yell at her about how he is going to slap her again. the moment they came around the corner you knew nothing good was coming from it. Well The Bball dude's little brother started to film it with his phone. And one of the "Ruffians" Saw so they came up and were screaming at the young kid I was towering above the guy and his friend and about a foot away from the Screaming guy. He was claiming I DONT CARE HOW BIG YOU ARE I MAY BE SMALL BUT I WILL TAKE ANYONE DOWN! I WILL MESS YOU UP BOY! and it was like Elder Benson and I didnt Exist. We were invisible till the Money holding follower looked up and saw me and without breaking Eye contact with me tapped his friend and said hey HEY Calm down Watch it. Calm down dude. and then looked at the kid and said delete what ever you filmed and they both started to back off and other people started to join us. The little guy kept gripping his pants and one guy was claiming he was carrying a piece) a gun on him. Benson And I stayed calm and cool. The guys started to back off and the BBall guy got off the phone and immediately 6 more guys showed up in a car and came to us. XD They were on the Bball dudes side. So nothing happened but it escalated faster and faster and died off. We came up to the bball guy and said we gotta go and his crew saw us and started to get up and get protective. But Bball said "they with us" and they all said "aight So what are you guys selling and we said nothing we are missionaries. and they asked again what are you selling and we just said we are Jesus people. Missionaries and they were like "Oh alright thats whats up" and we left. (Try and follow that story. I didnt do that well on explaining it.) But thats what happened this week haha :D 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One I wrote down in my journal was we were PC'ing and we saw a large group of people at a bus stop, around 15-20 people and I looked at Benson and told him, " Lets go soap box it!" A little hesitant we finally wheeled up on our bikes and stood in the middle of the crowd. And Me not knowing any better of what I could say just called for everyone's attention. And I had it. I said. "Hello everyone! I'd Like to talk with you! (or share a message with you) They all were listening! 

Then I asked how many of you have spoken with missionaries before? (Thats where I messed up XD That singled to many people out) and Three guys on the bench looked at me and asked what kind? And I told them. MORMONS :D and He said "Oh... Not interested. But the guy next to him said I have! And as he told me this I looked up and noticed people were turning around and I only had the attention of the middle guy on the bench who was talking to me and the man between us. And I asked him how his experience was and he said. "It was alright. I saw them walking and we talked. and thats about it" and then mumbled. "Not interested." So in the time of silence after all attention was gone I looked up and saw a man standing away from the crowd and thought "Lets go talk to him!! and Thats what we did! After the whole experience we had a great conversation with the man standing away from the group. And I thought to myself. Next time I will just share my testimony with all of them C: It was cool!!! 

      In other news Benson and I reached almost all of our goals but reached our main goal for talking to everyone! 

Having fun at a car show:

From Feb 8:

In the morning we when street contacting. It was a lot of fun walking up to people and staring them down not letting them get away without talking to you. Then we passed Cierra'€™s apartment so we stopped by and she was finally home. We had an amazing talk and put her on a baptism date and then went back to the streets. We tried to talk to another guy but he blew us off and tried to walk away so I smiled at my comp and walked after him and started to talk about the Plan of Salvation really loud so he could hear us. Then my comp clued in and we sang some hymns out loud. We taught a young 14-year-old recent convert and ended the night by visiting members again.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Benson and I are staying! And taking over the Entire area! Which means we just picked up two people on date for baptism! And a HUGE amount of work is coming up for us. Which means we have to be extra diligent and obedient! Yesterday we listened to the conversion story of Glen Beck and the conversion story of a Catholic, and that pumped us up a ton. Our numbers havent shown any work and we havent had much success. However we have been picking up new investigators. So the trick is keeping in contact with them constantly, and with our friend Emily, she went on vacation for 2 weeks and havent had contact with her so hopefully we will get back in contact with us. We also took Mitch Matthews with us to meet up with a Lady named Sierra but she fell through. So we went to a less actives house who has really been struggling and we didnt talk about what the game plan was and the lesson was all over the place. It was a really embarrassing time cause Elder Benson and I were on completely different pages. So we gave Sam the less active a blessing of comfort and left. It was one of those awkward (Go with the missionary) moments. Oh well. Mitch Matthews is a receiver for BYU who just graduated and is here to train for the NFL! SO thats pretty cool we Got to take him! It hasnt been getting hammered but we got some snow. Im sure the snow is headed here. The East coast got hammered! Love you !

*This is Davis with Mitch Matthews, former BYU Wide Reciever*