Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The roach story from 1/4/16:

SO an update for you guys. We have been working but dont have anything to show for it so this week im going to be making sure we work our buts off and do what we are suppose to exactly when we are supposed to. recently we went to go do service with some members and went to this house that looked like a tornado of trash flew through. We walk in and its just garbage on junk and junk on garbage. This house just so happened to be Infested to the roof with roaches and apparently bed bugs which we arent aloud to serve around. So out of the stress of that and cleaning even a pathway to walk in I made a game out of how many roaches i could crush in a matter of seconds before they all scatter to their dark corners when i would uncover them. It was NASTY. but there is worse in the ward ive heard.
The infamous "ghost" story from 12/21/15:

Ill send a story too. SO this picture zoom in on the windows and look. So Elder Benson and I were knocking doors in a neighborhood from the 1800's and we were working our way to a old train station and a house and we were going to knock both doors and I looked up to find a lady in pioneer looking clothes staring wide Eyed at us and still as could be through the station window. My heart froze and without breaking eye contact with the ghostly figure in the window I tried getting Bensons attention and said "Dude" Benson" affraid that if I broke Eye contact it would disappear. So I said Benson one more time and I didnt realize but he had witnessed the same lady  the first time I called his name and he was frozen too. XD He said "My heart sank" So I said. It doesnt look like shes moved so lets knock this house and if she is gone we'll know it was a ghost if not we will go and inspect. So we knocked. No reply and we walked back and she was still there so we got closer and it was some weird mannequin. 

From 12/7/15:
So I will be going to a new area!  Idk what happens with the mail that gets sent to the old one. How are you guys doin? What are your plans for Christmas? Idk what my new ward will be like or if how i will be callin you guys. So recently Ive been reading in John and Reading about Parts of Jesus Christs ministry. And it really Inspired me to want to be much better than I am! There were times when Jesus would speak and the people wouldnt understand what was being said. Like when Jesus said he who partakes of my flesh and drink of my blood shall not taste death. And People were like "How is this guy going to give us his flesh to eat? And Other times well all the Time the (Pharasese ) followed him everywhere trying to prove him wrong because people realized that Christ was so much better and told truths and captured the attention of the people and the (phraseses) Were getting jealous and wanted things of the world and praise. I recommend reading it. I took lots of notes and fail to put to words what I think about it or how I can put it to words. But Another thing that Ive changed is when partaking of the sacrament. I think of what he did. And then go over what I want to change and how Im going to repent. And think of what I can commit to change. Then I set a goal and move forward. And it made the sacrament a lot more meaningful to me. 

On another note. Sacrament meeting this past Sunday was every bishops nightmare XD SO a guy named Jon from English class has been attending our church. However It is Because He is a Minister. He got up during testimony with a talk he prepared however it was historical because he has a THICK asian accent so im sure it was extremely hard for anyone to understand what he said. I listened to what he had to say and it was nothing bad. It was just scary for a moment cause we had no idea what he was going to say. But he began with an introduction of himself and his family and what he was doing and bore a testimony and shared a little sermon C: It was actually a pretty good message and thanked us all and thanked the bishop for listening and for being open to him coming and he sat down. So at the beginning of testimonies bishop asked that everyone should keep it short. And as Hoosiers do. They didnt. They got up and "HOOSIERED" the entire congregation. hoosiers or people who live in Indiana talk... ALOT WITH NO BREATHES IN BETWEEN AND TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. So thats what ended up happening. And this one lady got up and you could tell something was off about her. But she ended up saying a spiritual sentence and then rambling on about how hard her life is and how much pain she is in and all of her surgeries and brain stuff and told us how many teeth were on the saw they used to do surgery on her head and bla bla bla.
The bishop had to get up and tell her to sit down TWICE haha. I know its not really a nightmare compared to someone coming up and sharing false doctrine and Anti everyone. But its not wanted by anyone to tell someone to sit down. So after she ended the first time she got back up and I was like. "oh no" and she started to ramble a little bit and ended her testimony. We ended up going over time. But there wasnt much we could do. Bishop handled it well. :D Love you guys