Saturday, May 30, 2015

I had asked Elder Burnett some questions about his mission and the question and answers are below:
1.       When is your Pday?
2.       How does the mission handle finances?  Do they send you a check each month or direct deposit money into your account?
3.       Did the Indianapolis 500 cause any excitement for the people in your area?
4.       Is the opening of the Indianapolis temple creating any opportunities for you guys?
5.       How big is your ward?
6.       Do you have any good investigators?
7.       How many Elders and Sisters are in your district?

President Cleveland is apparently ok with music and playing instruments and we chose what we feel is appropriate for music. Some of the music my comp and I have is questionable so I got some music that should be appropriate. 
To answer your questions. My Pday is Monday. They put 60$ into my MSF My mission saving or spending fund. every Two Weeks. We didn't really talk to many people during the indie 500. There were a lot of Formula 1 cars at walmart and on flat bed Pick up trucks. But I didn't hear to much about the race. I know there were a lot of crashes and stuff. The opening for the temple helps us give out cards and tell people that this is there chance to go find out about the Temple and see what it looks like on the inside. I Feel like our ward is pretty small maybe medium but its not huge. Our Bishop and his wife are pretty cool but right now we are working on making the church branch out a little bit instead of sticking to themselves and their own little (clicks) OR group of friends. So far what I consider an investigator is our neighbors. Ill write you the story on paper of how I got to know them. And pretty soon we will be talking to 3 Black dudes that live under the sisters. Sooo I think we have 4 Elders and 2 Sisters.
Ill be trying to work hard out here and find more investigators through street contacting and tracting. But I Guess the way to go here is through referrals, and We have a few of those. This lady is wanting us to baptize her son before June 17th or something. Before he turns nine and wants us to get her other son prepared to be baptized. However Tafuna and I feel like we need to get her to come back to church first so that the son doesn't just get baptized then fall away super fast... This lady just has an excuse for everything XD So while I was trying to promise blessings on her and her family if she would just get up and commit to coming to church she interrupted me with some weird random thing. SO OH WELL. So Tafuna is going to teach her while I Teach her two sons in the same room.  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elder Burnett got a new companion and a new address:

His first companion is a Polynesian, Elder Tafuna.  We are exited because we always had great experiences with Poly Elders and Sisters in the field.

His new address is:

505 Spinnaker Bay #104, Greenwood IN  46143

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hi Everyone, Elder Burnett made it to Indiana yesterday.  Here are some pictures of him and his MTC companions, as well as with his Mission President, Steve Cleveland (former BYU basketball coach).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hey Im being shipped off on Tuesday at 3 in the morning!!! and ill be alone after Monday because my companions leave then... soooo. ILL BE A LONE MISSIONARY AHGHGHGH and ill be flying with 5 other missionaries to Indiana. And only one Sister out of the 4 Elders going. I am going to miss my companions alot, along with my zone and district and all the nubes that came it. They all have me in their journal they say XD I have had... around 15 lessons or so I believe. Today was the last day of lessons. My investigators names are Debi, Jordan, Eric, and Ben, and it appears that I have to go right now and back to the class room to clean the room and do daily planning. Today was the last day to see our teachers so it will just be My district in the class cleaning. Then we go back to the dorm and pack ;D IM STOKED I love you all!!! Oh and everyone says yall cause we cant say dude, bro, or anything. It can only be Sister and Elder. And I guess it is acceptable to say yall... I dont say it. And will you send me Parker's email please or something.. Ill write you all soon :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So Hello everyone! I have made it to the MTC It feels like it has been for ever since I was in Boise. There is so much that is going on and so much I am learning. We have no time to mess around out here! I still love every second! So Ill tell you a brief over view of what is going on. I am in a trio companion ship, so there is three of us! A normal companion ship there is only two. One companion is Elder Gregson from Canada and Elder Smith from Oregon!!! We are all best friends since day one! I love everyone out here in the MTC. The food is sometimes good and other times not so great however they make up for it with their chocolate milk from the dairy across the street. The first few nights sleep was rare because of a high pitched noise constantly ringing in the back ground. The first night I woke up with a migraine at 4:00 Am. Every day we wake up at six and study, practice and teach all day until 10:00 Pm. It has been different to not see family or friends and though to you it may only be 5 days, here so much goes on that it feels like months. Sometimes the day goes by super fast and that is why we feel like it has been so long. 
Oh and when I got here it was like everyone automaticly has a built in friendship with eachother. The group that we bunk next to that just left was only here for two weeks yet they treated each other like they have been family since the day they were born. They showed so much love for one another and it was awesome to see! Anyways enough of the random tangents. \

Everything is great and going well. I love every second even the seconds that are hard. I love everyone I am with and cant wait to make it to Indiana. Oh I forgot to tell you out of the group I am with which is 4 Sisters and 3 Elders I am the only one going to Indiana and they leave the 18th to New Zealand and North Carolina! I leave the 19th so I get to bunk with some Elders next door and one of those Elders is from Nampa! It is great being here, and sometimes it is absolutely exhausting but I am having fun! I LOVE YOU ALL and will write again soon!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Here is Davis' first email home.  We got to talk with him on Sunday (Mother's Day).  He sounds great!  He's in a threesome and really likes his two companions.  He talked a lot about the spirit and how the scripture have come alive for him.  He loves the MTC and is already growing a lot spiritually.
HEY whats up!!!!! I stayed tough too no tears so far!!! I am in a trio two companions! I love them so much haha we are like a family! Just so you guys know I leave the MTC the 18th and I will be calling you Sunday the 10th 4:00PM  so BE HOME IT IS MY ONE SHOT AND CHANCE TO CALL!!!! Anyways yeah Its been Amazing. I am exhausted, But I have learned so much. It is amazing how the spirit takes a hold of your mind and gives you energy at the times you need it. However today after a very spiritual experience between my companions and I and our investigator we are exhausted. Not to mention after our lesson or discussion with our investigator we gave a Sister in our district a blessing... 
     Btw The MTC food is great and all. But you fart like crazy XD Oh well its worth it! there is a kid from Nampa Idaho in our zone XD so far he is pretty cool we acknowledge eachother by where we are from so in other words I call him Nampa he calls me Boise. I love it here!!! IT IS AMAZING. I never thought I would be capable of doing what we are doing. Oh and there is a high pitched noise in our dorm room that seems to grow louder and louder in the silence. Its basically Chinese water torture. Its great XD im sure we will be blessed in our afflictions. there is a lot to talk about but no time to write. I have to go. I LOVE YOU ALL SEE YOU SOON
Welcome to Elder Davis Burnett's Mission blog!

His email address is  Feel free to send him an email, he would love to hear from you!

Here is his mission home address for letters and packages:

Elder Davis Lyle Burnett
Indiana Indianapolis Mission
777 Sunblest Boulevard
Fishers, IN  46038-1167
United States