Monday, February 29, 2016

SO I got to go camping with our ward. Well the young men! IT WAS EPIC! We went and had a none member there! It was a service project. Cutting down trees. The chainsaw we brought didnt work to well so we all used hatchets and axes! I cut down like. 10 or so trees ive cut down lots of trees on my mission at other places. It was cool. We had zone conf. We got in contact with Jamal again! And we came to the library on a very cold and rainy day to warm up since we were pretty far away from home and we were walking. And this guy saw us and asked why we were all fancied up and asked about our church and we are now meeting with him! he was saying. If i join your church and become Mormon do i have to wear suits all the time like you? And we laughed and said no. Then another guy we met when we did the soap box thing has been texting us. We saw him again and I gave him a book of Mormon and gave him some scriptures to read. And we got a text while we were camping and he asked all about the scriptures and said " what does moroni mean when he says "THESE THINGS" and why is there a C next to Sincere heart?" So we explained it to him! Then he said. Will you guys pray for me that God will help give me the strength to change my life. IT was awesome! And when we spoke with Jamal again he said hed like to have us pray for him and we said ok. Would you like to pray right now? and he said yeah. And started praying! It was a wonderful very humble prayer. And we told him GREAT PRAYER and he smiled and said thanks ive been practicing!
     I just got news that a guy we were teaching in my last area just got baptized and Suellen and her kids are getting baptized soon! She was another from our last ward that Elder Wood and I had talked to and taught!!! So its been good! LOVE YOU ALL

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