Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So this week has been mad Crazy! We were working with a guy named Jamal and He is super solid. We set a date for him to get baptized and we were working towards it. However he doesn't have a phone and used his girlfriends for his. So when we call to make sure he is still good to meet up his girlfriend wont answer any more. SO we got him a ride to church with a member and when the member called she answered and wouldn't answer for us and she told the member he is not coming.... So we are having trouble getting a hold of him. We knocked on their door a few different times and saw someone look in the peep hole but no one answered. SO we are continuing to try and get a hold of him. We have picked up a few new investigators! 

       The other day we almost got in the middle of a "Hood fight" We were talking with this guy we were going to go play bball with and these guys walked around the corner with some lady yelling and screaming at a small guy. And the small guy was screaming and yelling at her and there was another guy following them holding a fat wad of cash and another girl following as well. SO the little dude was continuing to yell at her about how he is going to slap her again. the moment they came around the corner you knew nothing good was coming from it. Well The Bball dude's little brother started to film it with his phone. And one of the "Ruffians" Saw so they came up and were screaming at the young kid I was towering above the guy and his friend and about a foot away from the Screaming guy. He was claiming I DONT CARE HOW BIG YOU ARE I MAY BE SMALL BUT I WILL TAKE ANYONE DOWN! I WILL MESS YOU UP BOY! and it was like Elder Benson and I didnt Exist. We were invisible till the Money holding follower looked up and saw me and without breaking Eye contact with me tapped his friend and said hey HEY Calm down Watch it. Calm down dude. and then looked at the kid and said delete what ever you filmed and they both started to back off and other people started to join us. The little guy kept gripping his pants and one guy was claiming he was carrying a piece) a gun on him. Benson And I stayed calm and cool. The guys started to back off and the BBall guy got off the phone and immediately 6 more guys showed up in a car and came to us. XD They were on the Bball dudes side. So nothing happened but it escalated faster and faster and died off. We came up to the bball guy and said we gotta go and his crew saw us and started to get up and get protective. But Bball said "they with us" and they all said "aight So what are you guys selling and we said nothing we are missionaries. and they asked again what are you selling and we just said we are Jesus people. Missionaries and they were like "Oh alright thats whats up" and we left. (Try and follow that story. I didnt do that well on explaining it.) But thats what happened this week haha :D 

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