Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Benson and I are staying! And taking over the Entire area! Which means we just picked up two people on date for baptism! And a HUGE amount of work is coming up for us. Which means we have to be extra diligent and obedient! Yesterday we listened to the conversion story of Glen Beck and the conversion story of a Catholic, and that pumped us up a ton. Our numbers havent shown any work and we havent had much success. However we have been picking up new investigators. So the trick is keeping in contact with them constantly, and with our friend Emily, she went on vacation for 2 weeks and havent had contact with her so hopefully we will get back in contact with us. We also took Mitch Matthews with us to meet up with a Lady named Sierra but she fell through. So we went to a less actives house who has really been struggling and we didnt talk about what the game plan was and the lesson was all over the place. It was a really embarrassing time cause Elder Benson and I were on completely different pages. So we gave Sam the less active a blessing of comfort and left. It was one of those awkward (Go with the missionary) moments. Oh well. Mitch Matthews is a receiver for BYU who just graduated and is here to train for the NFL! SO thats pretty cool we Got to take him! It hasnt been getting hammered but we got some snow. Im sure the snow is headed here. The East coast got hammered! Love you !

*This is Davis with Mitch Matthews, former BYU Wide Reciever*

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