Monday, March 7, 2016

We Recieved transfer calls on Saturday. At first they said we were staying, and they sent it two more times and even left a voicemail. Then we got another call from one of the AP'S that said you will both be getting transferred out. So I asked did we not do well? Is it a bad thing and he said no. President likes to do DT's. So Benson is headed way north and im headed south to Honey creek. Ill be in a trio killing off another Elder and follow up training the other is what people have been saying. SO we have been packing. VERY SLOWLY>>> I still have all my stuff to pack cause ive been washing what I have. Then we are making notes to the new guys coming in for all the investigators to be contacted. And we have to clean the apartment. I will be doing that all night. We also went and said good bye to many people haha.

      Im trying to think what else i can update you on... My camera fully broke from getting hit from a couch when we were doing "Ghetto service".. which was. Throwing couches out a second story balcony. I guess off a second story balcony. then throwing them away. then going to another apartment in the same complex and taking their couches to bring back to the other house. Both of which had to go off the balcony because we couldn't get them through the remodeled kitchen. So what they did so they didnt get the couches dirty was drove their van up onto the grass and had me stand on the top of their van and grab the couch and place it on the van. Then we drove with it on the roof and repeated the process all over. The first Couch wouldnt fit into the other house no matter what we did and we had places to be so we brought the coutch into the hallway and brought the little one in and then brought the big coutch back in for an adult to see if he could fit it in. which he was to small and didnt speak any English but he shook his head and it was clear it wasnt going to fit. so we left the couch in the doorway and left haha. On good terms. but thats about all I can think of right now. I dont know if I told you but during zone conf. I got up and played my guitar and sang in front of the entire zone with one of our zone leaders. President was sitting right in front of us and got choked up and people said his eyes were getting watery. he just sat there and said. "wow.   Wow. That was amazing. That was great" And thanked us multiple times :D That made me happy haha. We sang Come thou fount.

Eating dinner with BYU receiver Mitch Matthews and friends.

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