Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One I wrote down in my journal was we were PC'ing and we saw a large group of people at a bus stop, around 15-20 people and I looked at Benson and told him, " Lets go soap box it!" A little hesitant we finally wheeled up on our bikes and stood in the middle of the crowd. And Me not knowing any better of what I could say just called for everyone's attention. And I had it. I said. "Hello everyone! I'd Like to talk with you! (or share a message with you) They all were listening! 

Then I asked how many of you have spoken with missionaries before? (Thats where I messed up XD That singled to many people out) and Three guys on the bench looked at me and asked what kind? And I told them. MORMONS :D and He said "Oh... Not interested. But the guy next to him said I have! And as he told me this I looked up and noticed people were turning around and I only had the attention of the middle guy on the bench who was talking to me and the man between us. And I asked him how his experience was and he said. "It was alright. I saw them walking and we talked. and thats about it" and then mumbled. "Not interested." So in the time of silence after all attention was gone I looked up and saw a man standing away from the crowd and thought "Lets go talk to him!! and Thats what we did! After the whole experience we had a great conversation with the man standing away from the group. And I thought to myself. Next time I will just share my testimony with all of them C: It was cool!!! 

      In other news Benson and I reached almost all of our goals but reached our main goal for talking to everyone! 

Having fun at a car show:

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