Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The roach story from 1/4/16:

SO an update for you guys. We have been working but dont have anything to show for it so this week im going to be making sure we work our buts off and do what we are suppose to exactly when we are supposed to. recently we went to go do service with some members and went to this house that looked like a tornado of trash flew through. We walk in and its just garbage on junk and junk on garbage. This house just so happened to be Infested to the roof with roaches and apparently bed bugs which we arent aloud to serve around. So out of the stress of that and cleaning even a pathway to walk in I made a game out of how many roaches i could crush in a matter of seconds before they all scatter to their dark corners when i would uncover them. It was NASTY. but there is worse in the ward ive heard.

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