Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Im with my new companion in indy 1st its right down the road from my old area. Im still in the same stake. My new address is 8515 Red Oak Ct Apt G. Indianapolis IN 46227 and the new address for the mission home is 777 Sunblest Blvd, Fishers, IN 46038.

My new companion is Elder Wood, He is the district leader and We have been called to teach English to Chin people. They are Refuges from Burma. And most of them are baptist. So I will be getting a Burmese tag soon haha. Ive been in this apartment before with my other mission friends when I was with Elder Tafuna and Elder Jenks. So we moved into this apartment Tuesday and have been cleaning and going out and learning the area. Our mission goal is for each Companion ship to find a family and teach them before the end of the transfer. I forgot to mention we were Double transferred in so the trio that was in this area was shipped outta here to another area and we came in like a new start. Or a white wash as most people know it as. So we have a fresh place to work at. Yesterday night When we got home I stayed outside to watch a lunar eclipse. It was so cool to finally watch the moon be covered completely by shadow. My companion is cool hes a pretty nice guy and does what he knows is right so thats good. His name is Elder Wood He is from Pocatello Idaho. He is 19. Update on my boot I hopefully have 3 weeks left with it. But I might have 4 left. We will see...

SO recently Ive noticed how big of a part prayer plays in our lives, and in what we do. The Time that I notice I get affected the most by it is when I pray in the morning. It sets a Better tone through out my day than how my day would have been if I hadnt. And the other time is when we go out knocking on doors or talking to random people out on the street. So after we got all unpacked and settled in we had about a half of an hour left to go do stuff and so we decided we could go knock some doors but before we went out we knelt and prayed together asking to be guided and that we could find people that were willing to talk to us and after the prayer was ended we went out and walked across the street and talked to a nice older lady for a little bit and the next house we went to knocked on the door and no one answered however as we turned to leave a lady pulled up into her drive way and at this time we needed to get headed home but she came out and talked to us asking who we were and was super nice about everything. We talked to her for a few minutes and she and her sister have been wanting to go to church for a while and says its no coincidence that we had showed up when we did. She showed us her Dog (which was a Puggle and was super cute) and after meeting her dog we headed home. I know that we were guided to her home with a little less than 15 minutes of time outside left. I know that this is the lords work and that his hand is in it. I know how much a single prayer can alter your entire day or someones entire life for the better. I know that God loves each and every one of his children. I love all of you and hope you are staying safe and doing well.  

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