Friday, October 16, 2015

My companion Elder Wood and I biked out into the sticks, Like far out there in our area and how we decided to do it was throw a dart at our map after we said a prayer and mark where ever it lands or the area that it went most frequently. Well we had two pins where the dart had landed closest to its previous hole and decided that it was a great place to go. So we biked out there and knocked the area. After no luck I looked up and saw someone with a HAM radio set up in his backyard. And I wanted to go talk to them. 

Well headed over and saw this house just caked with Halloween decorations and their Garage door open with them in it. I complimented them on their decorating skills and introduced ourselves as missionaries and explained what we do and shared our message about the restoration and the book of mormon. After we each bore our testimonies to them we asked if they could feel what we were feeling and they both nodded their heads and said yes. And we invited them to read the book of Mormon and watch General conference. 

Well after we ended with prayer we headed back towards home for English class and I came up to a curb and lifted my front tire to go over the curb and my back tire followed through, well the back tire hit to hard on the second curb and popped. JUST SO YOU KNOW INDIANA SIDE WALKS ARE A LIE. If you see a side walk there is only about 10 feet of it then it ends and its just grass and ditches. So what we were doing was jumping the road curbs to get to the concrete drainage thing so we could ride easier instead of riding on the 2 inch bike lain right next to cars or riding in the grass. Any ways it popped so we sat down and gave the sisters a call to come pick us up. We told them the intersection we were at and they said " Ok we are coming" well a long time passed and we watched almost everyone who passed by stare us down XD It was kinda funny. They would yell at us or just stare. So we called the sisters again and they went to our house to pick us up instead of where we had been waiting. It had been pretty cold and windy that day so since the sisters werent coming to pick us up we decided to go into the gas station and warm up a bit. I ended up buying some stuff and went back to wandering the store. 

Well, I saw a new flavor of monster. It was a banana protein shake and I wanted to see if it was any good. Well the second time I went through the line with the same cashier he said. "you know I used to talk to missionaries" I said Yeah?? and he said "Yup but I moved and lost contact with them and I would really like someone to talk to again." I told him. " Well I can help with that"  I then got his contact info and headed out the door where we found Elder Cox (a senior missionary) was sent to come to pick us up for English class.. That day I got to see first hand that everything happens for a reason. I love you Guys And hope you are all doing well!

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