Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The infamous "ghost" story from 12/21/15:

Ill send a story too. SO this picture zoom in on the windows and look. So Elder Benson and I were knocking doors in a neighborhood from the 1800's and we were working our way to a old train station and a house and we were going to knock both doors and I looked up to find a lady in pioneer looking clothes staring wide Eyed at us and still as could be through the station window. My heart froze and without breaking eye contact with the ghostly figure in the window I tried getting Bensons attention and said "Dude" Benson" affraid that if I broke Eye contact it would disappear. So I said Benson one more time and I didnt realize but he had witnessed the same lady  the first time I called his name and he was frozen too. XD He said "My heart sank" So I said. It doesnt look like shes moved so lets knock this house and if she is gone we'll know it was a ghost if not we will go and inspect. So we knocked. No reply and we walked back and she was still there so we got closer and it was some weird mannequin. 

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