Friday, October 16, 2015

Hey I dont have that much to say this week. However I got my boot off finally. I just cant play Bball for a few more weeks until it fully heals. Ill send some pictures though for this Email! Im burning a tie for 6 months. 

And star wars stuff and other fun things. It was a guy who we knocked on our door. He wasnt interested and after the conversation was over he closed the door on us and we left and knocked on another door and no one answered. Well while we were waiting for someone to answer The Guy from the previous house said " actually there is something you can do to help me." and he had us go in and pray for his dad. 

And when we came in his house was loaded with movie props and super cool things like that. XD and my shoes from having a boot so one is brand new the other is used.  I love you guys

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