Monday, August 24, 2015

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! So to update you guys on what has happened this week!. So to update you a bit on me is ive been writing a song well one song is farther than the other two and ill be puting lyrics to it soon. . Tanner my new companion is super cool! A day or two ago we went to go work on what i call a backyard ranch up in the hills or forest. and We chased down a ram and a sheep and tackled the sheep. Running through the forest is difficult when your trying to chase down a little animal. and your trying not to trip and fall. So in other news My foot has been swelling up and it is really painful to walk on, this was not from chasing down the sheep. I have no idea whats wrong with my food. Sister Stedmen our nurse said that 99 percent of the time its your shoes. But i dont know. So ive been wearing dads shoes that he gave me for now. like his running shoes to see if the swelling an pain goes down. I also borrowed crutches from our ward mission leader to take weight off of it. So hopefully it goes down. Lets see the Temple dedication was yesterday we went to the 12oclock and 3 o'clock session then  went and helped the young men with family history after dinner. We also watched the youth cultural celebration Saturday so that was cool. The temple Dedication was a wonderful experience. Recently we have been trying to find new people to talk to and we went out after dinner at 7:oo Pm and went to this neighborhood that ive been to before. A lot of the people were not friendly at all so i was expecting the same thing but instead of going left at the break in the neighborhood we went right. We said a prayer before we began and not a single person we talked to was mean and everyone wanted to talk to us XD Well after we were all done it was getting close to 9 and Elder tanner and I felt we should knock one more house and went accross the street to a house with an open garage and a packed drive way. Well We squeezed passed the camping trailer and a car and didnt even make it to the door when a voice came from the garage yelling at us. Asking us what we were doing and it startled both of us. We were like. Uhh we were coming to knock on your door and come talk to you and he said. "Oh yeah??" and we said yes. I noticed he had an old Mobster car like the mobsters with Tommy guns and fedoras. So I started asking him about it and he opened up a bit then asked who we are and what we are doing. We Explained that we are missionaries and he said so what do you do. and we explained that we had a message and that our purpose as missionaries is to invite others come to Christ and if they have a faith in him already that we are here to help strengthen that faith. He lit up in a good way and told us how he was just praying for his brother who has cancer and isnt doing to well. And he said. This is going to sound cheesy but its crazy that you guys would show up in the middle of my prayer. its like a sign. We laughed and said thats not cheesy at all we see things like this happen quite a bit. He laughed and said yeah Its funny how God works. Well he offered to meet up with us again and we will meet with him soon! Its a reminder to me to always try to follow the promptings of the spirit and how important it is to stay worthy to always have the holy ghost as a constant companion. Love you guys hope you are all doing well!!!

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