Monday, August 17, 2015

Its been a week or two since ive updated you guys so. to catch you up. I have a new companion Elder Tanner. The dude is awesome! Love him! so I also have a new hair cut. Its a bit interesting. Don't know if im a huge fan of it haha. So recently I told you about Joe. The dude is awesome. He looks up to us and loves when we visit him. We asked how his book of Mormon and bible studying is going. Turns out his eyesight is going bad so he cant even read the large print. However he wants to try and come to church in a week or two! Ok so we no longer have sisters in our area for the next 6 weeks which is one transfer. So Elder Tanner and I took over their area and we now no longer share a car with the other elders. We have a full time car with less miles allotted to us and a lot more area to work so we will be biking and walking for long distances and periods of time. Its the beginning of week two with this transfer so right now we are just working on organization and figuring out our new area. Ill update you guys more next week and share some cool experiences. Ill share an uplifting message first before a funny story. SO the previous transfer was pretty rough. It didn't feel like we were getting much done and there was a bit of frustration and contention however there is always something to learn from tough times whether patients, love, or learning to be more humble. Well when the contention and anger was between my companion and I, I noticed that we could not function. The spirit wasn't there and it was extremely hard to cooperate. however When i noticed I would say a prayer in my head that I could have the strength to be more humble that i could be patient and sit and love my companion and love who we were talking to at the time and that after that I was able to calm down and focus and relax and just let go of what ever was bothering me and it helped us work together a lot better or even if at times it didn't help it would help me feel peace and focus on what we can do better and how i can help my companion and or who ever we are teaching or talking to. Just a short message. Be patient and kind. Love you guys hope you all stay safe!


 Some fun stuff that has recently happened we went to eat at White castle. The rumored eatery of death. The guy we went with loves to take missionaries who are brand new and never eaten at white castle. He told us the record of sliders eaten was 10 and he wanted us to beet it. What sliders are for those of you who haven't eaten there are little. sandwich looking things with a tiny mystery meat square patty with holes in it and soggy buns with a pickle and unions. The buns are soggy with grease and other things and is known for causing some mean trouser chili. Or Diarrhea. YAY FUN. So being the thick headed puffy chested missionary I am decided I could beat the record and be fine. I was was kind of wrong. I say kind of cause I beat the record. however being ok after words was a different story. I ate 20 sliders and was fine for the next hour or so. Then it hit me like a mini nuclear bomb down in my stomach. I wont continue on with the story that is up to you and your imagination.

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