Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This week has been slow btw. Because Elder Tafuna Got ran over like his bike and have of his body under the car. So we were down from going around much this week. However we have set new goals to become better missionaries and kill it this week. Let me know if you both do. I’m just buffing out all the details and stuff right now and I feel as if I am starting to become the missionary I want to be. Yesterday I got up and bore my testimony for the first time in front of our ward. It was awesome. I felt like I could just go up and talk for days. My testimony was pretty smooth and a lot more expound than my usual own.  Words just came out! IT WAS AWESOME, I just felt pumped yesterday.

Oh so today we are starting our exercise and eating healthy with a few other Elders. Because. we are all getting fat. I’ve gained like 10 - 20 pounds XD Jk am not sure I’ve probably gained like 10. and the pot is at a different residence. it’s in my companions old place. No one really won. It was just my companion and I then we told some sisters to come join us so we took it outside. OHH I Made fried rice the other day with bacon oil and rice in a pot and eggs and a whole bunch of spices I found XD it was good!

We got one of our Pdays taken away cause the zone got in trouble so we went to email another day and on Fridays its family history day. and no one showed us how to do it so we waited for the sisters and they came at the last minute of the library day so we just sat and emailed and I put star wars music and Skyrim and fallout 3 music on my flash drive!! SO FUN STUFF!!!! I love you guys and am figuring it all out!!

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