Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey Everyone!!! Just want you all to know everything is going good!!! My neighbors and I have been talking a lot and we had a BBQ with them yesterday! Where I had some Ghost pepper hot sauce! YUMMY!!! So far we have had not much luck but we are praying and searching for new investigators. So Saturday we had an F1 tornado touch down like 2 miles away from our apartments so that was fun! Its been pretty rainy this week and I love it! You can go outside and get soaked in like two seconds! Elder Tafuna and I have been teaching This one Ladies son and getting him ready to be baptized before June 17th. How ever we want to help her get reactivated in the church so she can lead by example for her family. She has another son who sits in on the lessons and listens and participates so that's pretty cool! On a random note. There are ponds everywhere here and it is pretty humid. There are all sorts of animals chillin around here and HUGE OPOSSUMS HERE or possums or how ever you spell the name XD We chased one away from our door. We also have 4 big snapping turtles in our little pond out back and bunnies and fun stuff like that!!! So far the mission is a great experience and I love every second of it! Even the rough parts because every second of it is a learning experience. One thing my companion and I recently talked about was how we become stronger after having a rough experience and how it helps shape us and strengthen us so that we can stand up stronger or get up faster if another bad experience may happen. We also talked about how there is opposition in all things. For instance if you were to eat bread all day every day for your entire life. How would you know how great steak is or any other food is. That is one way to look at the times when we were feeling low. If life was perfect and everything went the way it is suppose to then how can we appreciate those times of  happiness to the fullest.  Hopefully you all get what im trying to say. But there is always opposition in all things and that's how we can grow stronger and grow to appreciate what we have more. Any ways. I love you all!! I hope and pray that you are all doing good!

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