Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So Hello everyone! I have made it to the MTC It feels like it has been for ever since I was in Boise. There is so much that is going on and so much I am learning. We have no time to mess around out here! I still love every second! So Ill tell you a brief over view of what is going on. I am in a trio companion ship, so there is three of us! A normal companion ship there is only two. One companion is Elder Gregson from Canada and Elder Smith from Oregon!!! We are all best friends since day one! I love everyone out here in the MTC. The food is sometimes good and other times not so great however they make up for it with their chocolate milk from the dairy across the street. The first few nights sleep was rare because of a high pitched noise constantly ringing in the back ground. The first night I woke up with a migraine at 4:00 Am. Every day we wake up at six and study, practice and teach all day until 10:00 Pm. It has been different to not see family or friends and though to you it may only be 5 days, here so much goes on that it feels like months. Sometimes the day goes by super fast and that is why we feel like it has been so long. 
Oh and when I got here it was like everyone automaticly has a built in friendship with eachother. The group that we bunk next to that just left was only here for two weeks yet they treated each other like they have been family since the day they were born. They showed so much love for one another and it was awesome to see! Anyways enough of the random tangents. \

Everything is great and going well. I love every second even the seconds that are hard. I love everyone I am with and cant wait to make it to Indiana. Oh I forgot to tell you out of the group I am with which is 4 Sisters and 3 Elders I am the only one going to Indiana and they leave the 18th to New Zealand and North Carolina! I leave the 19th so I get to bunk with some Elders next door and one of those Elders is from Nampa! It is great being here, and sometimes it is absolutely exhausting but I am having fun! I LOVE YOU ALL and will write again soon!!!

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