Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hey Im being shipped off on Tuesday at 3 in the morning!!! and ill be alone after Monday because my companions leave then... soooo. ILL BE A LONE MISSIONARY AHGHGHGH and ill be flying with 5 other missionaries to Indiana. And only one Sister out of the 4 Elders going. I am going to miss my companions alot, along with my zone and district and all the nubes that came it. They all have me in their journal they say XD I have had... around 15 lessons or so I believe. Today was the last day of lessons. My investigators names are Debi, Jordan, Eric, and Ben, and it appears that I have to go right now and back to the class room to clean the room and do daily planning. Today was the last day to see our teachers so it will just be My district in the class cleaning. Then we go back to the dorm and pack ;D IM STOKED I love you all!!! Oh and everyone says yall cause we cant say dude, bro, or anything. It can only be Sister and Elder. And I guess it is acceptable to say yall... I dont say it. And will you send me Parker's email please or something.. Ill write you all soon :P

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