Monday, May 11, 2015

Here is Davis' first email home.  We got to talk with him on Sunday (Mother's Day).  He sounds great!  He's in a threesome and really likes his two companions.  He talked a lot about the spirit and how the scripture have come alive for him.  He loves the MTC and is already growing a lot spiritually.
HEY whats up!!!!! I stayed tough too no tears so far!!! I am in a trio two companions! I love them so much haha we are like a family! Just so you guys know I leave the MTC the 18th and I will be calling you Sunday the 10th 4:00PM  so BE HOME IT IS MY ONE SHOT AND CHANCE TO CALL!!!! Anyways yeah Its been Amazing. I am exhausted, But I have learned so much. It is amazing how the spirit takes a hold of your mind and gives you energy at the times you need it. However today after a very spiritual experience between my companions and I and our investigator we are exhausted. Not to mention after our lesson or discussion with our investigator we gave a Sister in our district a blessing... 
     Btw The MTC food is great and all. But you fart like crazy XD Oh well its worth it! there is a kid from Nampa Idaho in our zone XD so far he is pretty cool we acknowledge eachother by where we are from so in other words I call him Nampa he calls me Boise. I love it here!!! IT IS AMAZING. I never thought I would be capable of doing what we are doing. Oh and there is a high pitched noise in our dorm room that seems to grow louder and louder in the silence. Its basically Chinese water torture. Its great XD im sure we will be blessed in our afflictions. there is a lot to talk about but no time to write. I have to go. I LOVE YOU ALL SEE YOU SOON

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