Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A wonderful week!

 This week was great! We worked hard and had much success with talking with our Ethiopian friend Wondm. We invited Wondm to church AND HE CAME!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GREAT! He couldnt stay for the entire time so before he left we took him around the church and ran into a member in our ward who just so happened to be from the same country as Wondm! They spoke in their native language for a while and then parted ways and we continued to go around the church. As we worked our way around we came to the painting of John the Baptist and spoke about baptism. He told us he will get baptized but he wants to read more. He seems to be in Alma 45 right now! He does so much research when we arent there, then when we meet him he has great questions! He says "So many people say the Mormons are weird, but I enjoy what they do and how you work." He enjoyed sacrament meeting and is going to bring his wife and kid next week! 

   My companion and I have been praying for a miracle and working hard, then on Sunday we had a surprise visit at church from a Lady named Victoria! We had been trying to get in contact with her since she moved to Indiana. Victoria and her Family have been wanting to be baptized but lost contact with missionaries! She came up to the other Elders in our ward and poked em on the chest and said "WE NEED MISSIONARIES" so we received the correct contact information and we will be starting to meet with her on Tuesday. I am so grateful for miracles in this modern day. I am so grateful for the opportunity to give up a small time of my life to serve in Indiana. I can not describe the many wonderful things that have happened in my life since May 6th 2015. It hasnt always been easy but I am grateful for that. 

I love all of you   

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