Friday, August 5, 2016

Email from Davis Monday, Aug 1st.

My mission has flown by it saddens me that I cant get my hands on more time out here. I am so grateful for the time ive had and I have seen the growth in my life and my family's. Ive had struggles and I've waisted time, Ive worked hard, Ive seen miracles, Ive felt Gods love, I know he is there for us. If I make a mistake All I can do is repent and move forward. I know God still loves me. He is waiting for me to cast my nets aside as Jesus's apostles did when I believe it was Peter went to meet Jesus. Peter was standing right in front of Jesus and he started to sink. But Immediately Jesus reached out to help him. We all fall short. But He has his hand out for us to grab and he will pull us out of the ruts depths of any deep waters we are standing in. I love our Heavenly Father and our Brother Jesus Christ. I love the Holy Ghost. Its such a tender and fragile moment to have him with us and is so easily pushed away with bad decisions. Its a learning experience for sure. I know that I will step up and things will be different. Just have to find a balance. Its almost like a repeat of my first transfer in the mission. Ill get out of it and know what to do! Ive been reading about the Strippling warriors and their efforts to fight off the laminates. And their faith that they learned from their Mothers. Knowing that God would protect them. Their captain has never seen anyone with such faith. It was super cool to read all of the details about the war they are fighting. I love you guys! 

We met the Mission President on Tuesday. He was very friendly! A really great guy! we were the first interviews for him we spoke about training and about the work and trust. He asked about my oppinion as a musician for music in the mission. I told him what I think. Spoke with him about listening to acoustic songs and listening with Jesus haha :) 

We also went to the fair with Joe! It was a great Time Ill send you some photos. We also did service at Joe's cousins house and had a great time and really clicked with them! They asked for material to read so we are going to get some pamphlets to them! After that we went and helped some people move into their house and clean the place up. The guy invites us for service but I guess he gets heated if we talk or teach about our church. So we he calls us over everytime he needs us. Who knows, maybe something will come from the work we do. 

For now thats all I can think of.  

I forgot to mention my Apartment complex got struck by lighting and a ton of firefighters showed up!!! TWAS CRAZY

Love you guys!

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