Monday, August 29, 2016

Elder Burnett is getting transferred to a ghetto area to train a new missionary and he's in an area with a couple of his old companions and he's really excited!  Also, a tornado struck a few miles away from him, so they've been helping people clean their basements.

Yo Just got transfer calls! MY COMP IS STAYING AND IM HEADED TO THE GHETTO OF WHITE RIVER TO TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY!!!! WOOP WOOP!!! Im super stoked! I hate packing though and had to say goodbye to some good friends. But thats every area! white river is really really ghetto. Its the place where "the most murders happen" there are lots of shootings that happen there on a daily basis. Dont be worried to much. nothing has happened to missionaries there other than getting robbed several times.
So I may be sending a lot of my stuff home. but I was going to say get him dockers for shoes. Mine have lasted my entire mission they will probably last to the end but we will see!

The Tomatoes (tornadoes) have not affected us in any way. They did however hit Kokomo (However you spell it) hard it destroyed many houses! and flooding is huge there. The flooding has been bad here too, taking out basements! TOTALLY COLLAPSING basements! i feel super bad for all of the people whos cars and houses and things were destroyed! Even stores were flooded.

We cleaned out many basements and one for sure was mixed with sewage. YUCK but we are alright. In my first area Greenwood a tornado landed 2 miles away But we couldnt see it. the storms were to thick. Any ways thats all I can think of and remember of what i said. BUT HECK YEAH TRAINING Elder Benson my old comp is my district leader> I follow up trained him.. SO our entire DIstrict is training and we are all good friends all in the same ward! ITS GOING TO BE SO COOL!!!! 

Here's a couch they helped rig to a car:

A wild rabbit that he caught.

A beautiful rainbow

A soft shell turtle. The meat sells for $18 pound, but he let it go.


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