Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sorry for not sending an email last monday! So news Is Im staying with Elder Wood for another transfer! He is my first 12 week companion! Some Cool stuff thats been going on is We met this guy named Zach! He is 18 and very talented when it comes to music. Before we met him we were told he likes music and loves sports and my companion and I looked at each-other and laughed. Elder Wood Is very into sports and I Live music. I know we are called to the areas we serve for specific people! The work really is in Gods hands. Hes been Struggling with some things however when we talked with him he told us how much he loves music and we met up at Guitar center this last Monday and we are going to go today too! We improved a few songs while I Was on the drums and Zach On the guitar. We Played Some A day to remember, Weezer, Nirvana, and other different songs from other bands! We Clicked Instantly when we began playing. He told us how he had gone down to Utah and met missionaries down there and would go to homeless shelters and play and sing with them. He told us that he would like to come to church and sit down and learn more about our church! My companion and I are super Excited for him! Its cool how we are each given specific talents that can be used to help others! Love you guys!!! Here are some pictures of some of my Friends that are leaving my zone! Elder Newey is closest to me Elder Derbedge in the middle and Elder Messer To the far right! Stay safe!

Taking "manly" photos and using a hammer to fix a car...

Taking action shots at the local thrift store

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