Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey Everyone its been a while since Ive sent a solid email out to everyone so sorry about that. Ive been thinking alot about what I could say and how I can get you up to date with whats going on. Yet not much has changed in this area Other than TONS of leaves everywhere. So here you can rake up your leaves and put them in bags and put them on the side of the road. which you could do in Idaho. But they can be plastic and or not in a bag at all. Like people would just rake everything onto the road. and people will come pick it up. They do that if trees fall over or you have lots of sticks and wood laying around. You just make a pile out front and eventually it disappears. I dont know if you can do the same thing in Idaho cause I know when we would trim trees or anything we would have to drop it off at the dump. 

Anyways back on track Not much has changed since this transfer or last but I have been thinking alot about parents and how much they affect our lives as we start out. You hear about how coming into this world we are pretty much helpless and defenseless. We are in diapers and we cant fend for ourselves. We learn from our parents as we grow and they set the example and set the path for when we grow older. They try their best to keep you on the path that will help you live a better, Happier life. Cause parents want whats best for their children. As we grow older and the time comes and we may have kids of our own eventually and we try to raise them to the best of our abilities. Then the time comes for their turn and so on. I remember seeing a picture of a dad or a mom holding a baby and caring for it. Then life goes on and the parent grows older and the kid grows to be bigger and more mature. Then in the next picture it shows an adult with and elderly parent and the adult is caring for the parent and then the next picture is where the adult now has a baby and the cycle restarts. There is this on going cycle of life that we all live. Now this may just be a giant rant where I just type down my thoughts and I apologize for that. But in the bigger picture God is our Heavenly father. He wants whats best for us. Like what our parents want for us as we are kids. 

He sent his son to pave the way for us and help us follow his teachings so that we can live better happier lives. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that he does want whats best for us. I know that he hears and answers prayers. I know that he loves it when we talk to him through prayer and loves when we "Call home" and Check in. God loves and cares for each one of his children and when we seek for comfort and guidance he stands there with open arms waiting for us to come to him. I love you guys and hope you are all doing well!

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