Monday, July 6, 2015

It has been A while since I have last sent out an email> I want you all to know Everything is AOK out here! So to catch you all up. So Elder Tafuna (My last companion) has been transferred. I now have a new companion named Elder Jenks. I will be killing him off so in 5 weeks he will be going home. My wrist has gotten a little better however I am still not capable of lifting anything heavy or grabbing and pulling anything. Just yesterday I caught a turtle! It was wandering down the side walk and coming our way. His name is Toko. I got pictures with him and let him go. 

We also finally have an investigator! She is absolutely solid every time we have met with her she has had concerns about the church and all of them had been resolved. She is reading the book of Mormon and the bible side by side using the references down at the bottom. She is super interested in what we have to say and has enjoyed meeting with us. Sarah is a single mom with a young boy. They have a little dog and all of them are wonderful! I love meeting with them. Recently she asked about what we do for kids and we asked her what she meant by that and she had explained that she wants her kid to stay away from drugs and stay healthy and we brought up the word of wisdom talking about how we keep away from drugs and alcohol and harmful substances and she loved it XD She is continuously reading the book of Mormon and asking questions about what she is reading and giving us the opportunity to help connect the dots however she gets it almost all the time. She knows her bible like the back of her hand and it is super awesome! Recently we went over to her house with a member and had a great discussion that went on for an hour or two! it was great. The sad part is I don't think she is in our area. So we might have to introduce her to our district leader and his companion because she might be in their area. I will probably still have opportunities to teach her! 

So in Indiana the Temple open house is drawing near and my companion and I are going with a few others and possibly with my neighbors. With The Temple growing closer to the open house people are taking interest. We have invited many to come and see and feel the beauty of the temple and to feel the precious spirit that resides there. I am excited to go see the new Temple with others not of our faith. It is a very exiting time. This is a great and rare opportunity for those who have never been to the temple to get to know more about it!!!

Happy 4th of July by the way everyone! I hope everybody is safe and had a great time! we went to this one guys house that was in a different area to watch his show. It reminded me of home and going to awesome firework shows at my friends house. Ill never forget the 4th of Julys with my dad and all of his buddies and my friends farting around with fireworks!  What makes me happier than anything about the 4th here is that mortars are legal here XD I LOVE IT even if they weren't people still would get them! Well the work is moving forward and sun is still shining I love you guys and pray and hope for the best for you all

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