Monday, March 27, 2017

Whats up everyone! This week a couple of things happened this week. In preparation for a baptism that is coming up we went hunting for a guitar we could borrow for a special musical number that Elder Reece and I will be playing. The "HUNT" was unsuccessful and we found ourselves stuck in the other Elders area due to the timing of dinner. So for what ever time we had left we decided to go tracting in near by apartments. As we tracted the first few doors we did'nt get anything, however when we knocked the doors up a flight of stairs we met a man named James. We asked him if he had ever spoken with missionaries before, he said that he had! After Talking to him for a little while about his Job he invited us in and we had a great gospel conversation. James had explained to us that he was going to be moving soon, so I asked, "Where to?" He had told us that he would be moving to McCordsville in the Gateway apartments! (Which is where my companion and I just moved to.) We let him know that we would be happy to help him move when the time comes. He expressed his interest in coming to church and checking it out. So hopefully we can keep in contact with him. 
  Later on in the week we did a service project with a man named Jacob Scott. He is a really kind guy and invited us to help him clear the trees and logs in his neighbors yard while they were at work. We cranked it out in about 3 hours! Thus I sent a picture of us and the pile of wood, and the 400-500 lb log under our feet. It was a great time! By the way Jacob Scott is getting baptized may 25th! Please keep him and his family in your prayers! 

Other than that We have weird spiders hangin around waiting to strike and destroy any sense of security that we may have previously felt in our home. Then there is Elder Crosland waiting to attack anyone who tries to get to close to him after waking up from his slumber.  

I love you guys take care this week!!!

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