Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Update:  Davis is in South Bend, Indiana (where Notre Dame University is) and has ring worm on his face, so he can't shave for a few weeks.

Hey!!!! South bend Is Good. Just for some reason all the days have been meshing together. I know we are being obedient, well try to be, and I know we go out and work and we work hard. lots of service. We just aren’t seeing many fruits from it. Recently we’ve been talking with a lot of Catholics and this Less active dude (Bob) got in contact with us. He is active in the Catholic church and is very strange. He invited us to go to a catholic work house thing and knows that I love music so he invited us to this catholic helper home (basically a poor house) and told us we are going to sing hymns to them after their prayer stuff. So when we got their the all the people were like. "uhhh? Mormon missionaries? They were all stand off-ish in a way. So Bob went inside the home and we just stood outside and I called over some Catholic dudes our age and we began to talk about why we were there and explained. "We have no Idea what his plans are so we will stick with you guys and watch over us. And we all became friends and had fun and laughed a lot.

The only people that you could tell were fake and mean to us under the table well it was mainly one guy. He was the only one studying to be a pastor. For some reason they are the ones who give us the most grief. anyways after they had their prayers Bob was like " NO ONE LEAVE" The Elders and I are going to sing you a song. And nothing he planned was in their plans. So he whips out some random hymnal with hymns I've never heard of. haha SO we are trying to sing some him I’ve never heard before. and it sucked hahaha They all laughed with us cause I was laughing. So after that one song we just listened to him. and I said you all know come thou fount right? and they all said YEAH! I asked because I saw that hymn in the back of their prayer books. So I grabbed the guitar and we all sang. I saw one guy. he seemed foreign. He had a slight Irish Accent. He was tearing up and crying after the song. WE saw them the next day and spoke but it was cool. THEY all had questions for us! LOTS of questions. They all would apologize for asking questions and we would say. We would rather you ask us than anyone else. IT was good. but slightly awkward. But I left uplifted. 

Update on my face Its not Poison Ivy. It is freaking ring worm from a service project. From the Habitat for humanity Glasses and Hat. So I can’t shave for 4 weeks. SO I have permission to grow a beard. It’s only been like 4 or 5 days since I last shaved and it’s pretty long. It feels weird getting stairs from members

I love you guys I hope that is an ok update for you guys! LOVE YOU!

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